Tile it Up! 5 Inspiring Ways to Use Tile in the Bathroom (Other Than on the Floor)

Remodeling your bathroom is all about finding that perfect balance between style and function. That’s why tile––especially tile floors––have become such common choices. And with thousands of flooring choices for durable, easy-to-clean tiles and endless designs and arrangements, it is a place where you can get creative and really personalize the space. But what if you went beyond the floor, and looked for other ways to bring some of 2019s biggest design trends into your bathroom? Try and think about the space as the place in your home where you are free to try new things and experiment a bit with trends. It’s the one place in the house (especially the master bath) where you can create a place you can truly call your own––and that’s where things get really interesting! Here are five ways you can go beyond the floor and use all the beautiful tile options out there to create a bathroom that wow’s. 

1. Colorful Walls

Whether you are tiling your shower, or looking to create a unique design behind a mirror, using tile on your walls is a surefire way to create drama and interest in your bathroom. Use colors such as navy blue subway tiles, or pink ombre tiles placed diagonally to create drama and a luxurious option to standard paint. Consider ditching the typical solutions for wall covering such as paint and wallpaper and pack a punch with patterns, designs and finishes. Or combine a traditional white subway tile approach with a bold, oversized floral wallpaper for a look that is light and neutral, yet memorable all at the same time. Just split the wall with the tile and wallpaper, separated by a light wood treatment. Working with a small space? Use extra-large tiles on the wall to make the area feel bigger. Larger tiles mean you can reduce the number of grout lines make the walls feel less busy, yet not plain. 

2. Works of Art 

With all the tile choices on the market today, it’s easy to use a floral, penny, or geometric patterned tiles to create your own personal piece of art. Maybe you have a smaller wall above the bath, or an ideal space above the vanity that is just calling for something dramatic. Instead of purchasing a piece of art, use patterned tile to create something memorable. You can even “frame” it with a wood treatment that matches your bathroom vanity. This works well in larger bathrooms where you can opt for visually interesting tiles that fill an area of the wall without artwork, while still working well with your flooring. 

3. Tile Inserts

If you are remodeling your bathroom, consider creating an insert above the bathroom vanity for the mirror and then tile that area to add a small bit of drama in the room. Border and accent tiles work well in this situation, adding interest that is very visible and memorable. Consider matching the border treatment to your flooring design to bring the look together. 

4. Backsplashes

So many possibilities…from turning the entire wall to a backsplash, to creating a border just above the vanity. It’s becoming more and more common to see an entire wall behind the vanity sink or bathtub become a full ceramic tile accent wall. In effect, the wall is the backsplash. Plus, this offers a practical advantage since a tile wall is easier to clean than painted drywall. When going with a more traditional bathroom backsplash, make sure you don’t oversimplify it. You don’t have to be basic there, consider treatments that include natural stone that can give your bathroom a timeless look that is also rustic. 

5. Mosaics Tiles

Glass or mosaic tiles are your opportunity to get really creative with color and patterns. The perfect backdrop to your mirror, bathtub, or bathroom vanity, mosaics can use traditional ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, or even natural stone to create a memorable design that works with most design styles. Consider combining a wood vanity with honeycomb mosaic tiles in a navy for a dramatic look, or create a mosaic pattern for the wall behind the tub that is matched on the shower floor.