Tis the Season to Create a Spa-Style Bathroom

Spa-like Bathroom Design

Holidays can get hectic. One place that makes a natural rest and recharge refuge is the bathroom. Why not bring spa-style elements to your room, so you…and your guests…can enjoy a few minutes of relaxing calm amongst the hectic list of to-dos. Think: candles, fluffy towels, plush rugs, and more. Here’s a step-by-step guide for turning your bathroom into your own personal spa.

Step 1: Declutter

Is your bathroom drowning in hair products and toiletries? Get tough and declutter by streamlining every nook and cranny. Remember, a clean space creates relaxation and peace.

Step 2: Create extra storage

There are many options to create extra storage space, even in the smallest bathrooms. Ideas include clear glass jars for cotton balls, wicker basket for washcloths, or a pretty tray for soap and lotions.

Step 3: Choose calming colors

Colors have a direct impact on your mood and health so set the stage for a soothing and welcoming environment with shades of white, beige, and blue.

Step 4: Install dimmers

Soft lights will help you relax and rest your eyes. Consider replacing harsh lighting with dimmers, recessed lights, or wall sconces.  

Step 5: Upgrade your shower head

Bathtubs are relaxing, but if you prefer showers, think about an upgrade to your shower head. Spa-like options include waterfall, high pressure, or hand held heads.

Step 6: Mix in nature

Tuck a houseplant in the corner or overhead in a basket for a natural element, or add fresh flowers to add color, nice scents, and tranquility.

Step 7: Replace towels and rugs

Toss out old, used, worn out looking towels and rugs. Fluffy bath towels are a must to swaddle in after the bath, and soft rugs feel luxurious on bare feet.

Step 8: Infuse with calming scents

Aromatherapy is critical to boost your relaxation and relieve stress, and adding relaxing scents such as lavender, jasmine, and vanilla with essential oils and candles is easy to do. Don’t forget the soaps, bath oils and lotions too!

Step 9: Add relaxing sounds

The final touch is including some music or soft sounds…look to add calming sounds in different ways, including nature sounds, your favorite music, or even a mounted TV.