Wallpaper Is Making A Comeback

Wallpaper Is Making A Comeback

What comes to mind when you think of wallpaper? If old-school floral print is it, you’re not the only one! However, it doesn’t deserve the bad rap it’s gotten over the years. In truth, wallpaper is making a comeback with modern designs and updated texture. Here are three ways to use wallpaper in contemporary standards.

As a centerpiece for design

Most people choose wallpaper because it stands out. Compared to a one-dimensional paint color, it adds texture and personality, plus, it can add three-dimensional elements. One room where it’s definitely making a comeback is in the bathroom! It’s a glamorous accent that is a much more affordable alternative to floor-to-ceiling tiling in the bathroom. Pair wallpaper with modern finishes, such as contemporary vanity cabinets, metallics and clean lines.  

As a way to make the space feel like home

A common critique of modern design is that it can often feel cold and aloof! Wallpaper creates a cozy atmosphere, making a larger space feel more intimate or more lived in. And thanks to Joanna Gaines’ new line, wallpaper can also aid in your rustic farmhouse dreams! She’s created designs that include shiplap, newspaper and other trending elements (you know it’s trending when Jo gets involved!).

As a way to set the mood

As we said before, wallpaper has a much stronger presence than paint, so it quickly sets the tone in any room. For example, the wallpaper options are endless for the bedroom! While neutral colors such as light blue create a relaxing mood, there are plenty of similar-colored wallpaper options that have more detail and pattern available. In addition, you can better differentiate the vibe in each bedroom by utilizing different patterns and texture.