Welcome Your Guest With These Front Porch Ideas for Spring

front porch ideas for Spring

Your front entry is the most forgotten about area of your home, but one of the most important when it comes to first impressions. Now is the time to spruce things up, and bring your home out of its dull winter slump.

Start by cleaning things up

You need a clean, blank canvas before you can start adding creative elements to your front entry. Empty and clean out pots of dead plants and debris, then blow leaves and dirt from there area and wash down your doormat (or get a new one that shows off your personality). Power wash the outside of your home, the door, and the porch, sidewalk and driveway.

Freshen up furniture

If you have patio furniture on your porch, or a bench at your entrance, be sure to clean those off too and then consider re-painting. Add new cushions and pillows to brighten things up; choosing a color scheme that works with your front door. If you don’t have any seating, look into something different and bring in a bistro table, cedar side tables, and custom-made benches.

Add color

Now that you’ve got your pillows and furniture figured out, you can start to add plants and flowers to complete the look. Plants will make your entry look more inviting and will mask much of your hardscape (sidewalks, stairs, walkways, etc.) Bring out the color and choose plants and flowers that are similar to the inside of your home and see how good everything looks when it’s coordinated.

Other ideas include adding lighting, painting your front door, updating the hardware, and adding a fresh spring wreath.