Is Wood-Look Tile A Fad Or Is It Here To Stay?

Is Wood-Look Tile A Fad Or Is It Here To Stay?

Recently, tile options that mimic hardwood flooring, better known as wood-look tile, have been rising in popularity.  But while it’s popping up everywhere from new homes to 2017 tile flooring trends, some still wonder, is wood-look tile a fad? Here are four reasons why we believe the trend is here to stay.

Wood floors have been around for centuries

Hardwood flooring has been through it all… dramatic design changes, engineering evolutions and it even survived the shag rug trend! Since wood-look tiles mimic a traditional hardwood floor, there’s no reason to think it’s not a survivor too… it’s just an affordable, low-maintenance and timeless alternative to the real thing.

Softens modern design

If there’s one thing that hardwood floors contribute to design, it’s warmth! And since contemporary design can come off as cold, wood-look tile is that rustic element that softens an overwhelmingly modern space. It still provides a bit of warmth, but still works with the contemporary design.

Can flow throughout the home

Of all the latest floor tile trends, wood tile flows the most effortlessly throughout the home… we’ve seen it in every room from the kitchen and bathroom to bedroom and family room! But it’s not just the look that makes this tile option a good solution throughout the home. In fact, Consumer Reports states that a tile that resembles wood stands up to wet and highly-trafficked areas of the home better than hardwood flooring. This means you can have wood-look tiles as part of your bathroom and kitchen design…step directly onto it after a shower, or splash water while doing dishes with no damage to the floor. It’s the best of both worlds!


There is even more upside to wood-look tile than durability: there is versatility in color, plank size, orientation, details, and texture. Daltile goes even further, suggesting that tiles can be laid in a pattern, such as chevron, or multiple plank sizes can be mixed to create a truly dynamic design.