Wood Vanities Are Trending: Here’s Why


The use of natural materials in the bathroom is definitely on the rise…from reclaimed wood, to clean modern options such as bamboo. Wood cabinets in the bathroom are making a big impact as more and more people are looking for clean, light spaces that feel calm and relaxing. Here are a few reasons why we are seeing more wood vanities in the bathroom.

A move towards simpler things

Hygge came on strong in a big way a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Both a lifestyle and design trend, this Scandinavian philosophy emphasizes simplicity, cozy details, and celebrating the simple things. Bathroom cabinets that feature a simple maple or natural driftwood add dimension and character, while maintaining a soft, comfortable feeling.

Inspired by the spa

The sleek, spa look is trending right now, and natural elements play a big role in achieving this look. Reclaimed and unfinished woods create an organic and clean feel and offer a natural serenity. Pair with marble countertops, brass hardware, and accessories such as live plants and candles.

Floating cabinets

Floating vanities are also on the rise thanks to an increase in modern and contemporary design trends. Make a chic, modern statement with ultra-sleek, frameless cabinets that incorporate natural woods to help add visual interest. Floating vanities also offer many advantages such as easily fitting into even the smallest of bathrooms, keeps the bathroom simple and clutter free, and can offer creative options for shelving.