Education Videos

Blum Products & Canyon Creek

Webinar introducing Blum hinges and guides now available in Cornerstone and Millennia

Katana 20-20 Interface

Training video on the new Katana 20-20 interface

KTN: Pricing WGL-PLY in 20-20

Step-by-step on pricing Plywood in the Katana 20-20 catalog.

Finished Ends

See what your options are for Finished Ends in our Cornerstone framed line.

SPR Requests

Filling out the SPR form; making changes, and submitting your order.

Ordering Samples

Selecting and ordering all the different samples available for your showroom.

Warranty Requests

Step-by-step on filing a warranty request.

MOSS tutorial

Get a quick tutorial on using our Mobile Order Status System.

Artisan Distressing

See how Artisan distressing is hand-applied.