Best Ways To Use Your Hallway Closet For Spring

Best Ways To Use Your Hallway Closet For Spring

We’ll get straight to the point… the hallway closet is an easy dumping ground. It’s so easy to stash all of the heavy coats, shoes, and ski and snowboard equipment all in the closet (it’s better than in your bedroom, right?). Well, with the warmer weather creeping up, we suggest that you use the sunshine to boost some spring cleaning. Here are a few ways to use your hallway closet for spring!

First things first, remove all signs of winter

What better way to begin than with a complete winter overhaul? In order to even use your hallway closet this spring, there has to be space to do so! Start the process of closet organization by purging items that you won’t wear in spring or summer: coats, gloves, boots, ski equipment, scarves, and other items. These items can easily be better stored on shelves that can accommodate larger bins for storage, or hung higher on closet poles to leave the easily accessible areas for seasonal items.

Determine what the closet should actually be used for

Once you have removed winter items, you’re left with a bunch of unused space. Take a minute to re-evaluate the space… what do you need it for? Could the space easily function as a wine cellar? Or what about turning the closet into a storage area specifically for shoes? Any way you see fit, consider what you need additional storage for.

Use it as a spring fashion haven

Since the hallway closet is most commonly used to store outerwear and shoes that are easily accessible when coming in or out of the home, it makes sense to use the hallway closet as a spring fashion haven. We’re thinking the storage of any open-toed shoes, sandals or light sweaters that you will often use during the season!

Beach it up

If you just cleaned out your winter items, then it only make sense that summer comes next! Use the hallway closet to store your summer and warm weather items including snorkels, beach towels, sand toys, and goggles which you can easily grab-and-go. This set-up is also easily interchangeable, meaning that your hallway closet can continue transitioning between seasons in the future!