Big Ideas for Your Small Walk-In Closet

Have a small walk-in closet, but not sure how to make it mighty? From racks to shelves and rods, you may have a distressing feeling of lack of organization every time you open the door. We’ve got a few ideas you can use to regain your command of the area, and make every inch of that space work for you.

Use shelving

Shelving stores folded pieces well, and keeps things organized while in plain sight. Shelves are also great for holding purses, bags, scarves, and hats. Be sure to include a stylish step stool to reach higher up shelves.

Add storage…discreetly

Consider going low-profile in your small walk-in by adding storage bins to shelving. They work well for storing sweaters, T-shirts, socks and workout gear. Storage bins give the appearance of neatness…even when things are not. This keeps your small space looking uncluttered.

Don’t neglect the ceiling and floors

Make your small walk-in closet feel unique by painting the ceiling a bold color, or adding weathered peel and stick wood planks. Don’t forget the lighting…consider a hanging lamp or chandelier. Remember, a well-lit closet is easier to use and encourages neatness.