Kid-Friendly Closet Organization Ideas

Kid-Friendly Closet Organization Ideas

Organizing a kid-friendly closet is a project both you and your little one will appreciate…we promise! With the right plan you’ll create a closet that is not only functional, but provides some independence for your little one too. Parenting WIN, right?! From clever design options to maximizing the space as your little one grows, there are so many ways to create a functional yet fun kid-friendly closet. Read on for a few of our favorite tips on how to make the most of your kid’s closet organization.  

Maximize space with double closet rods

Since kids don’t typically have clothes that reach the floor, double closet rods or adjustable rods will help you make the most of the space. Double closet rods offer more hanging space in the closet, and allow you to organize by keeping seasonal items higher up. You can also use adjustable hanging closet rods to create several hanging areas in the closet. Tip: boost independence for your little one by placing one rod closer to the floor so they can reach for their everyday items easily. Bonus? It also makes it easy to put their own clothes away on laundry day!

Color coordinated bins makes clean-up a breeze

Another way you can teach kids to stay organized is by using colored bins. Bins or colored storage baskets can match the theme of the room; with each basket holding items such as books, games, toys, and clothing. With certain colors holding certain items, it’s easy for kids to clean up.

Don’t forget the shoes!

It’s amazing how fast their feet grow…plus how many of us have gone crazy looking for shoes in the morning?! One of the best investments you can make in a kid-friendly closet is a shoe organizer. This gives a clear place for kids to place their shoes each day, and gives a visual representation of when it might be time for a new pair.