Last Chance to Splurge on 2018’s Closet Design Trends

When it comes to closet design, 2018 featured some of the most popular and sought-after luxury trends ever. The year isn’t over yet — so it’s not too late to add a few (or all!) of these trends to create your dream closet. Get inspired with some of these ideas. (Hint: think holiday gift wish list!)

Light and airy colors

White and lighter colored built-ins raced to the top of the popularity lists in 2018. Why people love this trend: Lighter colors brighten up a space and create the illusion of a larger area.

Built-in hampers

Built-in hampers are one of the most sought-after closet additions. Why? Probably because you can hide dirty laundry in style.

Valet rods

This super simple, but life changing closet tool lets you to extend your hanging space temporarily. Great for setting out garments for special occasions or when putting away your clothes.

Closet corners

2018 was all about solutions! Maximize challenging spaces with open storage concepts, such as corner shelves, proving it is possible to create a functional, smart closet design that’s both appealing and beautiful.


Think floor to ceiling mirrors on walls and inlaid mirrors on door fronts…mirrors are a great way to give a closet a finished look, while adding glam and dazzle.


Instantly turns a drab, dark closet into a fabulous, glamorous space. Go full-glam with sparkles and pendants or conservative with sleek, clean lines.

Back wall accenting

Add a color pop or accent behind open closet units to add high-design impact. Try different approaches such as paint accents, wallpaper (yes it’s back!), to adhesive wood wall paneling.

Shoe Shelves

Shoe storage is a top priority in every closet design, right?! Instead of shoeboxes, racks, or carousels that waste valuable space, give a custom design a try. Even in a reach-in closet, a custom arrangement of shelves, hanging rods, and drawers will help maximize the space you do have.