Six Ideas for Organizing your Bedroom Closet

ideas bedroom closet organizing

Hard to believe, but we are halfway through the year! So as we start heading into fall, it’s a great time to regroup in your closet and start getting things in order. Here are a few organization ideas that will help get your closet back in tip- top shape.

1. Color code

Color coding makes finding things much easier and it’s pleasing to the eye. Organizing this way also makes it pretty obvious to see if you really need another black shirt for example! Decide if you want to go light to dark, and then organize by type of clothing.

2. Don’t store everything in your closet if you don’t have the room

Look for areas outside of your closet to store items. By cramming everything into your closet, it’ll just make the space more disorganized. Consider wicker baskets under your bed, or using the wall space in your bedroom. Maybe purchase a unique armoire that makes for an interesting focal point in the room that doubles as a storage unit.

3. Have a plan for your organization system

Go ahead and put a method to your closet madness! Organize the space so you can easily stay on top of what you own, and keep the entire closet tidy. For example, hang all your business clothes in one area, dresses in one spot, and fold your sweaters.  

4. Organize by height for easier access

Organize your closet based on what you use the most. Store those items at eye level, your least used items at the lowest point, and those things you pull out every once in a while up high. With this technique, you’ll never go digging through your closet to find your favorite pair of jeans.  

5. Custom closet

A custom closet system like the one featured is probably the best way to suit your needs. Using your own closet dimensions, closet pole, and storage preferences, you can get exactly what you need to store your clothes and keep them organized.

6. Utilized empty wall space

Some closets are oddly arranged, leaving empty wall space that doesn’t offer any storage. Use this space, or the back of your closet door, to hang small items like scarves, belts, or jewelry.