This $20 Million Florida Home Has a Closet from Your Dreams

dream closet

Anytime you see a home listed for $20 million, you know there’s some great design inspiration inside. That proves to be true with this $20 million Florida home! Inside, there is more than one stunning closet, but it’s this contemporary mahogany closet that piqued our interest. Here’s a breakdown of the space that’s straight out of your dreams.

The wall of sneakers

First up, we have to give some recognition to that wall of sneakers. Obviously, the average person does not have this many shoes, but it’s an ideal example of shoe organization perfection. Custom closets are just that, custom. So if you’re a shoe lover, design your closet so that there is added storage space for all those pairs. For example, the shoe shelf is a great organization tool since you can always visibly see which shoes you own without having to dig around.

Elegant mahogany

The dark mahogany creates a more masculine and regal effect here. Deciding on a darker wood species or stain is one way to bring an added level of elegance. Just be careful to not go too dark. No one likes their closet to feel like a dungeon, so offset the dark shades with lighter ones. This closet design chose to brighten up the space with a lighter flooring material and bright lights.

Contemporary elements

Mahogany may be used in more traditional designs, but this stunning closet took a contemporary twist. First, The high-gloss cabinetry creates a mirrored effect here. And let’s be honest…metallics will just never go out of style! But this is a great trick to take into smaller closet spaces as the mirrored design can create the illusion of a larger room. On top of the high-gloss accent, cabinets are complemented by sleek cabinet pulls. Both design choices are modern elements that balance out the traditional mahogany.