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    Holding Our Cabinetry To A Higher Standard – ISO 9001:2015

    What is ISO 9001:2015?

    Since 2007, Canyon Creek Cabinet Company has voluntarily met the globally recognized standard for quality management known as ISO 9001:2015 (2015 is the most recent update). As a certified cabinet manufacturer, we utilize this international standard to help guide and refine our quality management system (QMS) and continuous improvement processes designed to ensure Canyon Creek consistently delivers the premium cabinetry products our customers expect. The ISO 9001 standard has over 1 million certified organizations in 189 countries and all kinds of business sectors.

    What is ISO?

    ISO stands for the International Organization for Standards. It self-describes as an organization that “brings global experts together to agree on the best way of doing things – for anything from making a product to managing a process.

    Existing since 1946, ISO is a non-governmental international organization with 25,420 international standards covering a broad base of technology, management and manufacturing. It is comprised of representative members from 171 different countries and 838 technical committees and subcommittees that focus on standards development.



    Why should ISO 9001 be important to me?

    In short, this should give you peace of mind that Canyon Creek holds itself to higher standards based on worldwide quality management best practices. As a result, you will benefit from:

    • Confidence: meeting the standard requires that Canyon Creek has a robust quality control process in place that creates visibility throughout the entire organization, all the way up to our CEO.
    • Effective complaint resolution: guidelines are in place for resolving customer complaints efficiently, contributing to timely and satisfactory problem-solving to the best of our abilities.
    • Process improvement: the standard helps identify and eliminate inefficiencies, reduce waste, streamline operations and promote informed decision-making, resulting in better outcomes.
    • Ongoing optimization: annual audits and reviews enable Canyon Creek to continually refine systems, stay competitive and achieve long-term success.

    Additionally, the standard further builds on 7 quality management principles as established by ISO  (see PUB100080):

    • Customer Focus – meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.
    • Leadership – take a unified approach to create conditions in which people can achieve quality objectives.
    • Engagement of People – people at all levels of the organization are essential to deliver on the quality promise.
    • Process Approach – consistent and predictable results can be achieved when you establish a system of processes.
    • Improvement – always focus on improvement.
    • Evidence-based Decision Making – use facts and data to guide decisions.
    • Relationship Management – the principals apply to both internal and external relationships including suppliers. All should be aligned.



    Retaining Certification – Annual Audit

    To retain our certification, Canyon Creek Cabinet Company voluntarily participates in an annual independent third-party audit of our manufacturing and quality management systems. This multi-day event includes key Canyon Creek leadership such as our CEO, vice-president of operations and additional management teams. The series of sit-down interviews with an ISO 9001 expert reviews our company’s current processes, checks in on improvement initiatives already in progress and helps identify additional improvement opportunities. Our certification is formally renewed every three years based on the cumulative results of the annual audits and our leadership team’s commitment to meet these higher standards.

    The Canyon Creek Mission:

    Following these standards does not mean that we will eliminate errors or possible issues. On the contrary, we are only human, and things can happen out of our control. But by adhering to the standards within ISO 9001, Canyon Creek Cabinet Company is better equipped to see and avoid potential issues and further more able to quickly react in an organized and direct manner to any situation that may arise. Ultimately, our mission is to delight our customers with quality cabinetry solutions they value and prefer.

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