Interesting Fact: Only 20% of Americans Feel Happy with Their Home Decor

Only 20 percent of Americans Feel Happy with Their Home Decor

Choosing the right home decor has shown to improve your health & wellness, reduce stress, and change your mood. So if you are one of the Americans that have not updated their home in the last five years, it’s time for a change! Check out these tips for making a design change that will not only look better, but will also make you feel great! Here are a few of our favorite tips.  

Visually-aesthetic design and decor improves wellness

Did you know? Materials, designs, lighting, and placement of furniture are some elements that relate strongly to your overall well-being. Find ways to incorporate things you love that are visually aesthetic and pleasing, yet keep your rooms clutter-free and well organized. Think about a balance of big, medium and small when looking at decor and furnishings, and don’t forget about bringing in the green! Plants are a great way to fill corners and bring the relaxing elements of nature indoors.

Nearly half of Americans haven’t updated their home decor in ten years

Ten years is a long time! We would guess the biggest barrier is cost and time, but there are lots of ways to update without breaking the bank or your back! Trying starting at your local flea market or even check out some garage sales. Think about searching for a unique statement piece to add to your decor. Lighting is another way to update easily. Keep the base of your lamp and update the shade with a new color, shape or pattern. And don’t forget the pillows...think accent colors as a way to tie in all the colors in your home.

At the very least reorganize your major living areas

Not sure where to start? Try focusing on one major area like the living room or bedroom. Your room may be completely functional, but that doesn’t always mean it’s comfortable. In fact, functional aspects are wasted if a room is too crowded or unorganized…and can have a negative effect on your mood. Start by cleaning the room out, then add items that will bring balance, yet are comfortable enough to create a sense of well-being in your home.