5 Cool Things To Do With the Kids This Summer

Things To Do With the Kids This Summer

Schools out for summer…now what? Here are a few of our favorite ways to check off that summer bucket list with the kids that won’t break the bank. Say goodbye to homework, phones, and schedules, and say hello to some easy, fun activities that you and your kids will love.

Build a Fort

Building a fort is one of the most classic summer activities for kids. So here’s where to start: you know all those Amazon boxes piling up in your garage? Let the kids have them along with all the space in the garage or backyard to build a fort. Old blankets, sheets and pillows make the fort comfy, but don’t forget to get creative. Maybe even brainstorm a few ideas for fort themes. Help them add lights, and have a craft day where they make treasures to hang on the inside, or paint and decorate the outside of the fort. And when you see the sign that says “No grownups allowed,” just tell yourself it’s okay!

Go for a Hike

Is there anything better than hitting the outdoors? Take the family for an outdoor hiking adventure because it’s never too early to get the kids hiking. Just make sure to pack a backpack with snacks and water as well as sunscreen and hats. And be careful when selecting your hikes depending on how old your kids are. Start with shorter ones and build your way up to longer ones talking about nature, what everyone sees on their hike, etc. This is your chance to develop their love for nature. Lastly, remember to take breaks, hydrate, and snack along the way. Young kids get tired easily and need more time to refuel.

Go to a Concert

Outdoor summer concerts and movie nights are kind of a big deal right now. From festivals in local parks to downtown celebrations, it’s pretty easy to find something like this for your family to do during the summer months. Don’t come empty-handed, however. Grab your blankets, a cooler, and a few chairs before you leave the house. It’s a great way to also show them the value of community, neighbors and family.

Make Something Together

Think about all the possibilities… tie-dye t-shirts, paper fans, wind chimes made from cans, the list goes on and on. Making crafts together can bring a little nostalgia to your summer, but no matter which you choose, you are sure to have a great time getting your hands dirty and being creative together!

Do Something Good

Summer is the perfect time to teach your kids about giving back. They’re finally home and have plenty of free time. Some ideas include volunteering at a pet shelter, cleaning out closets and playrooms, having a garage sale and donating the money to a charity, or helping out at a local food bank. When kids give back, they learn about teamwork, selflessness, and compassion…all excellent life lessons.