How to Ensure Your 2019 Goals Last All Year Long

January is obviously a good time to sit down and reflect on the previous year and set some goals for the year ahead. Whether you’ve written them down or started a vision board, the key to goal setting success is to make sure it isn’t a once a year event. Especially since as February rolls around and real life takes over, that well thought out plan is often long forgotten. Read on for some tips on how to make sure you set goals you can keep all year long.

Think big

Looking ahead five or even ten years from now and asking some bigger life questions is the ideal way to start setting goals today. In fact asking these questions is a way to do a gut check on where things stand for you right now. Ask yourself some things such as: Who have you surrounded yourself with in your life? Are you living where you want to live? How’s your health? This is an important step because what you see in the future will help you ensure the decisions you make today will point you in the right direction for what’s to come.

Break it down

Once you determine your 2019 goals, break them down into steps…then break it down even more. The simpler the steps, the more likely you are to make progress on a regular basis. Write down every single step just like you would a recipe. Makes things much easier to follow, right?

They’ve got to have heart

While setting goals is important, they must have some heart behind them. Make sure the goals you are setting connect to something you really believe in. Goals with “heart” help you push through and focus especially when you need to feel motivated.

Check-in every 3 months

Set calendar invites every quarter of 2019 to check in on your goals. Create an agenda, take time to reflect on your progress and re-prioritize if necessary. This also gives you a chance to review and evaluate if your goals are still in line with how your year is progressing.