Interesting Facts: Pet Ownership Statistics Prove The U.S. Loves Dogs And Cats

Interesting Facts: Pet Ownership Statistics Prove The U.S. Loves Dogs And Cats1

If there’s one thing the people of the U.S. adore, it’s their pets! The most recent AVMA U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook finds that more than 43 million households own a dog, and just over 36 million own a cat… these demographics far outnumber the households that own reptiles or birds. Other than being entertaining, these facts about pet ownership have an important implication in our own homes too.

Dog and cat owners leave the TV on so their pet doesn’t get lonely

Both dog and cat owners have reported that they leave the television on so their dogs and cats don’t get lonely… as hilarious as that may sound, it’s true! There are plenty of funny pet facts out there, but this one actually affects your energy bill. Bruce Norman, an energy efficiency researcher, says that in general, larger devices use more energy. So, if you’re convinced that your pet needs noise when alone, then opt for a smaller radio or stereo.

45% of pet owners set up a special bed

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, and apparently, our pets do too! Nearly 50% of pet owners have set up a special bed just for their furry friend… this makes sense considering the popularity of custom pet-friendly spaces. To sum it up, homeowners want to include their pet in everyday life.

About 15% of pet owners say they bought a car or home with a pet in mind

Of all the pet ownership statistics, this interesting fact may have the most importance: 16% of dog owners and 14% of cat owners admit they bought a house or car with the pet in mind. If you’re selling a home, this gives you a leg up on the competition! Staging a home to better fit a pet-friendly lifestyle can appeal to a home buyer looking for a home suitable for their entire family… you let them visualize how their home can look rather than forcing them to create pet-friendly new spaces.