Make Guests Feel Welcome With These Easy Tips

make guests feel welcome

As spring break and Easter approach, you may have several overnight guests planning on staying with you. Here are some easy and special ways to make them feel welcome in your home.

A coffee station

Just like the best bed and breakfast places, set up a coffee and tea station in your kitchen with simple necessities such as mugs, spoons, sugar, creamer, k-cups or coffee, etc. Include directions for your coffee maker as well. That way if your guests are up before you, they can make themselves a cup of coffee and enjoy their morning.

Also think about leaving a few books or magazines out as well to read while drinking their coffee.

Something for the kids

Often times, especially around family holidays, your guests will include little ones. Offer a small basket of books and toys in your guest room and bath toys and baby shampoo in the bath. Also ask ahead of time if there are any special food needs for any young children…making it easier for your guests to travel and care for their children while in your home.

Consider dietary restrictions

Speaking of special food needs…check with your guests to see if they have any dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, low-sugar, or allergies. If someone has a severe food allergy, label any foods that might cause an issue for a guest. Create a snack basket with items that meet any diet requirements…many grocery stores now have special sections dedicated to gluten-free products for example, making it easy to cater to any specific needs.

Shop local

Share your hometown favorites with your guests by purchasing locally-sourced or made products that you love. Candles, jams, wine, or art are a great way to tell the unique story of your community and make your guests feel welcome. Take your guests down to your local farmers market, or go shopping in the small locally-owned stores your downtown area.