Stock Your Shed: Garden Tools You’ll Need This Spring

If you’re like us and dreaming of spring and a little sunshine, then getting out and working in the garden may be on your mind. Since mother nature isn’t quite cooperating in most parts of the country yet, there is one thing you can do to make sure you are garden-ready…stock your shed with the latest and greatest tools. Take a look at a few of our favorites.

Magic gloves

We love anything that makes chores more efficient, and the Garden Genie Gloves do exactly that! Featuring built-in “claws” and waterproof material, they let you easily dig in flower beds and pots while protecting your hands.

Hands-free apron

The Roo Apron gives you that extra hand you always wanted in the garden. This combination apron/smock/pouch carries small tools, seeds, work gloves, harvest veggies or pulled weeds. The bottom even opens up to allow for easy dumping.

Pruning tools

From shrubs and trees to smaller plants, it’s important to have the best pruning tools you can find. Centurion’s double gear design makes this job much easier due to a “stays sharp longer” steel blade that holds branches firmly for cleaner cuts. Also comes in an extended version for taller projects.

A new hose

There is nothing more frustrating that trying to water your yard and having your hose kink up when you move. A good hose can save you time and frustration! Plus it’s important to replace your hose each season as the harsh summer and winter weather can damage the rubber and cause the hose to crack and break. That’s why spring is the perfect time to invest in something new such as the Flexzilla…and it’s drinking water safe!