Kitchen Remodel

Home renovations usually involve tackling one part of the house at a time. If you’re looking to remodel one room in your home, make it the kitchen. The kitchen is the heartbeat at the center of any home—where families gather, cook, eat, play games, share stories and even wake up with a cup of coffee—and it’s important to keep it as comfortable and beautiful as you can.

Without losing its essence, you can redesign your kitchen for beauty, versatility and efficiency. One of the key elements to this is installing custom cabinets. By designing your own cabinet layout, you can maximize storage, efficiency and aesthetic. Cabinets are often the focal backdrop to your kitchen, and like the setting of a film or scenery in a play, they have a subtle but vital role in the look of your kitchen.

Custom cabinetry gives you the versatility to use your kitchen storage in a variety of ways. Whether you want to house your microwave under the kitchen island or built right into the cabinet beside the shelf that holds your cookbook library, both options are open to you. Perhaps you want glass-fronted cabinets to give a greater feeling of space to your kitchen—or maybe you’d prefer cabinet doors with intricate mouldings and panels—the choice is up to you.

Custom cabinetry from Canyon Creek is guaranteed to look great as well. Choose from over 16 wood species, exotic wood veneers, or a variety of materials like thermofoils and laminates. Whatever look you want for your home, you can find the ideal cabinets to match it—from rustic maple for a country kitchen to alder or hickory for the look of an alpine lodge—or a high-gloss foil for a contemporary look—custom cabinetry is the key to your new kitchen.

Learn more about our custom Cornerstone and Millennia cabinet lines.