Let’s Talk About Color

As you browse our site, you may wonder why we frequently say “do not order color based upon this computer rendition.”

The simple answer is: you can’t trust what you see on a website. From furniture and appliances to clothing, cars, and cabinets, the representation of texture and color you see on your phone, tablet or monitor most likely won’t match the actual product.

To give you an example, the photos below are screen captures from two monitors. Can you see the differences in color in the cabinets, the walls, and even the chairs? If you love the kitchen on the right, but received something closer to the color on the left, you’d be pretty disappointed!

You’ll likely notice differences between what you see on a screen and what the same image looks like in a brochure, too. In printing, four colors of ink (magenta, cyan blue, yellow and black) are pressed through perforated plates and layered over each other in various densities to replicate the photo. As ink and paper tend to yellow with age, an older brochure won’t look the same as a brand new one, either. Without getting too technical, screens use light waves to render the colors in a photo–a completely different process that will yield a much richer representation.

Lighting within a photo, and in your home, can affect the way color looks, too. Look around the space you’re in right now, and notice how shadowed areas look darker and more muted, while brightly lit areas may appear washed out.

The room below was photographed with four different light sources, and you can see how much it changed the look of the wainscoting and artwork:


So what’s the answer?

We suggest that you locate a Canyon Creek dealer near you and visit their showroom. Our dealers have displays and a wide range of individual door & finish combos that will help you narrow your selection.

Once you have a good idea of what you like, order a sample door of your own. Set it in the space you’re remodeling, and see how it changes throughout the day. Having this sample will also help you select flooring, countertops and other finishes.

Beware the wood chip!

Your dealer may offer you thin, 3″ x 6″ samples of a number of colors you’re interested in. Use these to narrow down your choices, but don’t order an entire kitchen based on the appearance of this little sample! You know how the painted wall never seems to look like the paint chip? A full kitchen, with variations in lighting and wood grain, won’t look like that little stain sample, either.


Take a look at these samples, and notice how the small chips show fairly uniform grain pattern and color. The full doors show much more of the variation – in both grain and color – that you can expect to see in your home.