3 tips for keeping your garbage disposal fresh

Garbage disposals are great for getting rid of leftover food particles, but how do you clean them? People tend to remember the importance of cabinet care, but if you don’t want your sink to start smelling as bad as your trash can, take steps to ensure your disposal stays fresh.

1. Use cold water
You should turn on the water faucet every time you use the garbage disposal. Your natural inclination might be to reach for the hot water knob, but you should really be using cold. People tend to use hot water because it’s usually the temperature of choice for cleaning items. However, when it comes to your disposal, hot water can actually melt grease and other debris, which makes it easier for the gunk to stick to the sides of the grinder. Cold water makes cooking particles stiff and breaks them up a lot better to keep your disposal grime-free.

2. Grind citrus
If you had to put a particularly nasty smelling piece of food down the disposal, freshen the air by putting some sort of citrus fruit down the drain. For example, if you’ve recently eaten an orange or grapefruit, stick the peel down the sink. The coarse exterior of the fruit will help clean off your disposal blades and the demolished skins will act as a natural air freshener.

3. Clean disposal
Occasionally the citrus trick will not fully dispel the stinky odor emanating from your sink. When the fruit doesn’t work, you know it’s time to give your garbage disposal a good cleaning. This doesn’t mean you have to take your disposal apart to reach the blades and wipe out the container. Check out GreenBagPickup.com for their advice on cleaning your disposal.