3 Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

It’s not too late to keep up with 2018 trends, especially when it comes to adding color to your kitchen. While all white or neutrals have been popular for awhile, design experts say people are showing more interest in vibrant colors to add personality to their space. Here are four ways to add color to your kitchen.

1. Paint the walls

To make the biggest splash with color, paint an accent wall (or all the walls!) in your kitchen. You can go as bold or bright as you like – and if you’re nervous about too much color, you can always try a softer hue. Wondering what’s trending for 2019? Read our post about the most popular colors on the horizon.

2. Add a backsplash

If painting the walls is too much for your taste, try a colorful backsplash instead. Whether you use glass, tile or a kitchen-friendly wallpaper, you can find tons of inspiration on your favorite sites or blogs!

3. Accessorize with color

Not everyone is up for a bold, bright color on walls or cabinets, but this doesn’t mean you have to keep a neutral kitchen. Add pops of color with accessories, small appliances, pots and pans or even your dish towels and potholders.