7 Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Family-Friendly This Holiday Season

Kitchens tend to always be the gathering place in the homes of friends and family around the holidays. There are many ways to make your kitchen even more inviting, convenient, and safe for large groups of adults and kids who visit. Check out these 7 ideas to make your kitchen more family-friendly and fun this year.

1. Embracing an open floor plan

Open kitchens allow for interaction with everyone while cooking and cleaning up.

This style also improves movement and flow in the room. Include a big center island, and you make room to easily gather and chat around the center of the room.

2. Two islands

One is convenient, but two islands double the workspace and gathering potential. Ideal for entertaining, it also allows for the opportunity to split up food, such as cold and hot dishes, or dinner and dessert items.

3. Multi-purpose nook

Think banquette or breakfast nook with a bench and chairs. This is a great way to set out breakfast items while cooking in the main area. Guests have a comfortable space to sit and chat while meals are being prepared. Also ideal for children, a nook gives the kids a place to play while staying close by.

4. Mobile workstation

Adding an additional work zone to accommodate extra hands can be as easy as including a sturdy wheeled cart that can be moved to where it’s needed. Choose a stone, quartz surfacing, or metal top to accommodate food prep, and use lower shelves to store utensils, dishes, or ingredients. Adding baskets or bins are a great way to corral smaller supplies.

5. Computer corner

Guests bring their laptops or tablets during their holiday visit? Give them a corner to plug in, log on, and check emails without missing out on the festivities. Kids can plug-and-play in full view of mom and dad.

6. Easy-access pantry

Keep all the extra food and sundries organized and clutter-free so things don’t get too messy and cluttered. Label locations of essentials, such as canned foods and paper products for easy access and clean up.

7. Fuss-free countertops

Durability and wipe-ability is practical in family-friendly kitchen surfaces…and during the holidays when you have guests, easy and quick cleanups are a must. Instead of highly polished stone slabs, choose fingerprint-resistant and easy to clean hard and satin finishes such as honed quartz, concrete, and weathered granite.