Contemporary Range Hoods You’ll Love

Contemporary Range Hoods You’ll Love

In past kitchen designs, the range hood wasn’t always a major focal point in the kitchen. They were definitely more functional than fashionable! Hoods work hard to keep the air clean, remove toxins, reduce excess heat from cooking, and eliminate unwanted odors. With something this important and large in the kitchen, why shouldn’t the hood be an extension of your modern style? Take a look below, because here are three ideas for contemporary range hoods we think you’ll love!  

Stainless steel

Think of modern range hood design and stainless steel tops our list. It’s the go-to material in contemporary kitchens these days… whether it’s the appliances or the cabinet door material, you’re bound to find stainless steel somewhere! There are plenty of design options from wall mount to a chimney style or even a large island range. You can combine a range of this style with a stainless steel backsplash for a modern takeover, but it also complements marble, quartz and white kitchen cabinets as well.

Pops of color

One of the trendiest things with modern range hood designs right now are bright colors. Due to the popularity of jeweled tones, brightly colored hoods are focal points similar to the attached image, or they can be bright extensions of colored kitchen appliances. This style of contemporary range hoods work best as under-cabinet range hoods or wall-mounted range hoods, but an extra large island-mounted range could be overwhelming.

Copper or brass kitchen vent

We’ve written about the design obsession with copper before, but apparently, we aren’t done! A copper or brass hood is an epic statement piece that blends well with white and grey, and complements a blue kitchen design nicely. Of all these contemporary range hoods, copper may be the best choice for a long-term design since it ages beautifully over time.