Finding the ideal rustic-chic elements for your kitchen design

Finding the ideal rustic-chic elements for your kitchen design

Looking for some clever rustic styles that are sure to transcend the cheesy ski lodge aesthetic? Rustic-chic is definitely trending, and with the right touches, you’ll find that your kitchen design has suddenly gotten a lot cozier and more cabin-like.

Exposed beams
Exposed beams may just be the holy grail of rustic-chic. If you’ve got them, show them off. The farmhouse vibe is a rare gift and one that you should be proud of. Draw attention to these features with lighting.

Whether it’s a wood stove or a traditional stone fireplace, this touch is sure to keep you warm all winter long and your kitchen looking grand every day of the year!

Traditional cabinets
Kitchen cabinets can have a huge impact on your overall kitchen design, so don’t neglect them! Traditional cabinetry is ideal, as framed cabinets have a rustic, woodsy quality that’ll blend in best with the rest of your decor.

Hanging pots
The housing experts at have a variety of suggestions (some of them glib) for a shot of instant rustic style, including hanging pots – cast iron and copper only, please.