Move Over Stainless Steel! Here Are Four Reasons To Try Colorful Kitchen Appliances

Move Over Stainless Steel! Here Are Four Reasons To Try Colorful Kitchen Appliances

That’s right, we said it! Stainless steel has a new competitor in town… say hello to colorful kitchen appliances. If you’re not so sure about bringing in a bright  oven or hood just quite yet, then keep reading! Here are four reasons to try colorful kitchen appliances in your own kitchen.

Bold, jewel tones are trending

We’ve referred to the latest Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast before, which predicts that jewel tones will be one of 2017’s biggest design trends. The saturated colors can warm up a modern space and bring richness to the home, and the nice thing about jewel tones is that you don’t need much to make an impact! Look at your kitchen design, and see where you can fit in a bright appliance.  

Livens up any kitchen decor

To say it bluntly, colorful kitchen appliances liven up any kitchen decor! They offer a bright pop of color that functions well in neutral and white kitchens as well as natural wood custom cabinets. Looking to step it up a notch? Consider retro kitchen appliances, such as a 1950s pastel-colored refrigerator or oven that commands attention as soon as you walk into the kitchen. Retro kitchen appliances are vintage, but they still have a modern design!

Functions as a major change and small update

Colorful kitchen appliances are really versatile… they can be a subtle complement or a statement against a bright-white set of kitchen cabinets. The appliance color plays a role too; for example, mint green and navy are not as bright or attention-getting as cherry red or orange.   

Cooking appliances stand out

Are you an at-home chef? Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who think they are stand-out chefs! Cooking appliances stand out already, but a quick way to make these the focal point is to brighten them up with color. Take a look at the attached image to see how the range instantly grabs your attention, and it was just one small change to the kitchen!