Three Ultra Modern Kitchen Designs that Inspire Us

modern kitchen with light blue painted cabinets

Clean lines, minimalism, and contemporary elements are all the rage in ultra modern kitchen designs. Unlike some of those crazy trends we’ve seen come and go, the simplicity and elegance in contemporary design will never go out of style. Browse three of our favorite modern kitchens to help you brainstorm your own brand-new modern  kitchen design.

modern kitchen

The compact space

Smaller spaces need a bit more creativity when it comes to the design. You want to be able to combine both style and function, and this compact kitchen hits all the major points. Made with Millennia frameless cabinets, this modern kitchen does a lot with a small amount of space. The frameless design elongates the cabinetry upwards to create the illusion of height. It also features stainless steel appliances that go really well with the contemporary cabinet knobs…using similar materials such as these help to keep the space looking uncluttered. In addition, we’re loving this sky blue color that’s called Soar. It’s light enough to use in a compact kitchen like this one, but it still provides that pop of personality.  


High-gloss cabinetry

This light and bright space features an element common to a very modern kitchen design, high-gloss cabinetry. It’s used heavily throughout this kitchen on the upper and lower cabinets as well as the island. The combination of Siena High Gloss Foil Door Styles in white, fossil grey and striated flint create a stunning monochromatic look. This way, the room still feels intimate when working with this neutral of a color palette. And you must have already noticed the texture of the striated flint door style on the island and backsplash…it’s eye-catching! Throwing in a bit of texture here is a nice trick to make a large space seem cozier.


modern kitchen

Sleek with a pop of color and retro decor

We already know that red hues and bold design choices are trending this year, so why not incorporate a bold pop of color into your kitchen design? This design balances out the contemporary elements and cabinetry using a bright, vintage decor piece in the refrigerator. And we can’t forget to mention that view! The reflective surfaces combined with a wide open window keeps the space feeling bright and airy.