Whether you’re buying your first home, building from the ground up, remodeling or even establishing a household together, moving into a new space is an exciting time. One of the more challenging decisions is usually – where does everything go?

A great place to start is in the closet and other storage areas. Instead of relying on the single pole and skimpy wire shelves common to most closets, add custom components. A section of “double hang” storage, with one closet rod hung higher than the other, instantly increases the efficiency of a small closet. Shelves, wire baskets, drawers and hampers can be used in the master closet, standard bedroom closets, in the pantry, and even the linen closet.

Many new homes feature rooms that may simply be a large, open space with a few nicely placed windows. Custom cabinets can go a long way toward making these rooms beautiful and useful. Built-in cabinets topped by bookcases are great in the media room or home office. You can use custom cabinets with drawers or lift-up tops as the base for window seats or a dining banquette, and the bonus room is a perfect place to install a few cabinets, a microwave and a mini fridge.

Get ideas for your new media room, or see photos of closets and other rooms.