3 Reasons Why You Need an At-Home Library

Maybe you have a spare bedroom or upstairs loft/bonus room area that you are not sure what to do with. Everything from a home office to a man cave may have crossed your mind, but we’re here to tell you why considering an at-home library…yes, even in this digital age… might be the best solution of all.

1. They provide a big educational advantage

Even though we are living deep in all the benefits of the technology, there are still educational advantages to having books at home and a dedicated space for relaxing and reading. A study shows home library size has a substantial effect on education achievement, and that growing up in home with many books can help children go up to three years further in school.

2. They are a great way to add warmth to your home

Use custom built-in cabinets to line the walls with books, photos, art and other favorites. Books inspire coziness, so be sure to include comfortable chairs or sofas in the room and soft lighting using table or floor lamps when decorating your library. And don’t forget to add comfortable pillows and throws to promote comfort. You can also consider adding a small table for games or drawing. This can help make the room more functional as well.

3. Home libraries create a personal space

Line your shelves with all your favorites. Unlike digital books, you can touch, fold down the corners, and highlight your favorite lines. Especially in the digital age where immediacy satisfies the desire to read sequels and additional books by authors, having an at-home library means you can fill it with all your favorites. People still have a desire to be surrounded by physical things.