3 Tips to Help You Plan Your Dream Closet

Plan Your Dream Closet

Last month we gave you a few tips on reorganizing your closet. While cleaning and reorganizing can be helpful, it’s not always enough. If you’re really ready to give your closet an overhaul, take some time to sit down and envision what your dream closet would look like. This is a project you’ll want to get right, so follow these tips to help you dream up your perfect closet!

1. What is your timeline?

The amount of time you have to devote to designing and constructing your new closet (or having a professional do it for you) is important. Do you want to take as much time as possible to create a custom closet? Or do you have limited time and funds, but just want something to make your space more functional? Having these questions answered will help a lot when it comes time to work with a closet designer/installer.

2. What does your inventory look like?

Take stock of what you have in your closet. You can find a useful download to map it out here. By evaluating what type of clothing you have, and how much, an expert will be better able to design your closet space. Don’t forget to cover all categories – clothing, shoes, coats, accessories, hats and miscellaneous items or boxes that you like to store in your closet. Another tips is thinking about how you move in your existing closet. Does it work well for you? What would you change? What items need to be most accessible?

3. How would you like your closet to look?

Some people may just want a basic, utilitarian structure for their closet. Others may want it to feel clean and modern, and still others may want chic or glamorous. Think about color, too. Do you want rich wood tones or a lighter material? Do you care if it matches the other materials in your room or home? Then consider what type of hanging and storage do you prefer…Hooks or hangers? Shelves or drawers? Most importantly, dream big! It really is possible to design a closet for every taste.