4 Best Built-In Beds for Kids

Built-In Beds for Kids

Looking for ideas to renovate your kid’s bedroom that will both maximize space and encourage creativity? Then you might want to consider a built-in bed. Here are four ideas we think are just the coolest. Oh, and don’t forget to incorporate storage spaces and built-in cabinets in your designs…you’ll love the space you’ll save!

1. For the love of reading

Let their imagination run wild in a space where the bed is nestled higher up on the wall in between shelves of books. Use rustic wood to create a natural feel and fill the shelves with classic books. Don’t forget to add a library style ladder for easy access and book searching.

2. A space for dreaming

It’s easy to dream when you are so close to the stars…build a bed that reaches the ceiling and offers plenty of space saving storage underneath. This area is perfect for a built-in desk with cabinets, bookshelves or a little play area. Don’t forget the stars! Consider adding a skylight for actual star gazing, or paint a night sky mural on the ceiling.

3. Room for two, or three

Want to put a creative spin on the traditional bunk beds? Consider mapping out a unique layout that includes storage space to add interest. A staggered approach can make space for even three beds and/or a desk area underneath. Then add shelving or wall hangings to personalize each bed space.

4. A room within a room

Build a small room within the bedroom that includes a playroom and loft style bed. Create a play area under the bed or an enclosed one above the bed like the one in the photo. Add to the fun with chairs, patterned bedding, shelving, lighting and a ladder.