Bring on the Indoor Fun…Playroom Ideas for All Ages

playroom ideas

If you’ve got kids, you know that cooler weather means more time indoors. That’s why fall is the perfect time to think about revamping their playroom. Here are five simple yet creative ideas that will keep the kiddos having fun all winter long.

1. Eclectic Furniture

Think about adding some fun, brightly colored bean bags or other easy to move and adjustable furniture that can change as they grow. This keeps the room interesting and functional.

2. Purge Old Toys

If your child doesn’t play with them anymore, it’s time to give them to a child who will. There’s nothing wrong with outgrowing toys, but keeping old toys that they don’t play with just creates unnecessary clutter that can leave the room feeling cramped. And this is the perfect time to begin to teach your little ones about charities and how to put others first.

3. Make their toys a part of the the decor

Afterall, it is a kid’s room! Put up shelves that the can double as both a place where toys can be put away and a simple, fun way to decorate. Plus, it gives your child a chance to do a little designing themselves AND makes their toys accessible (vs. being crammed in a basket and more easily forgotten).

4. Give them freedom

Especially in the colder months when the weather keeps your littles cooped up inside, it can help if kids feel they have the freedom to have use their imagination when they play. Make your child’s playroom a safe place for them to rough and tumble without fear of breaking stuff in the rest of the house…all while keeping them safe from being injured.

5. Reading nook

Even kids need a place to unwind and relax. Create a little nook within their playroom where they can read, do a quiet activity, or even take a nap. Add some pillows, a small bookshelf, and maybe a curtain that gives them some privacy.