Here’s How To Make A Small Bedroom Go A Long Way

small bedroom

There’s no way around it…a small bedroom can be so difficult to design and decorate! With limited space, you need to plan the layout and flow with greater detail than usual. Since you’re taking on a challenge, start with these four tips for how to make a small bedroom feel bigger.

Color does matter

You’ve heard this tip a million times, but light paint colors do reflect light and maximize the size of the room. In our eyes, this should be your top priority. However, if you do want to add some flair with color, then go for a monochromatic look. Whatever you do, don’t paint the walls opposite colors! This design can segment the space making it look even smaller.  

Be selective with your statement pieces

Statement pieces are a hit or miss in a small bedroom…you can’t have too many because it gets cluttered really fast. For example, choose one major statement like incorporating a bold color throughout the room. Just make sure to balance it with an otherwise crisp and white statement. Refer to the guest room in this breezy retreat for a good example of a statement piece.

Balance is key

We’re talking about two things here: design and layout. First, balance out the light and dark colors. Incorporate the majority of dark colors lower to the ground, and utilize the lighter colors towards the top of the room. It creates the perfect illusion. Second, aim for symmetry. By lining up the bedroom with an equal amount of space on each side of the bed, it feels like there is more space. And if you’re still crunched for space, downsize by choosing smaller bedside tables.

Use the walls to your advantage

Mounted floating shelves are your best friend in a small bedroom. There are so many opportunities to create more organization and storage with these shelves, but best of all, it clears the items off the floor and out of the walkway.