Home Gym Ideas that Will Inspire You To Get Moving


Does your workout need a little inspiration? Try changing things up with some creative (and motivating) home gym renovation ideas. If you are wondering where to start, begin by committing to a workout plan that best suits you, then look for the right space in your home. Read on for some ideas designed to get you motivated to change things up.  

The basement

If you have a basement or bonus room and little ones, consider going with a room renovation that includes the kids. Separate the space with glass and use a section for a mini home gym complete with exercise bikes, weights, built-in shelving, and a TV. The rest of the space can be made into a fun playroom so you can exercise while watching the kids have fun. Incorporate brightly-colored cubbies make for organized toy storage, and include a small table for playing.

The attic

Like the basement, the attic is ideal for creating a separate workout space in your home. Update an unfinished room with wood-look tile flooring, paint the walls a bright white, then add equipment, speakers, and a bench. This is the ideal place to spread out and do yoga with friends or neighbors. A word of caution…remember heat rises, so be sure to consider ventilation in an attic, maybe a ceiling fan or several large windows to keep things cool.  

The backyard

Have a large backyard? Consider adding a separate structure that will give you extra room for your equipment, and a dedicated space to workout that is not directly in your home. Use glass sliding doors to offer beautiful outdoor views and let the natural air in while working out. There are even proven benefits to outdoor fitness…cleaner air, no gym membership fees, and it can boost your mood.

The spare bedroom

Dreaming of your own yoga studio? Clean out that spare bedroom and add some built-in storage, a mirror, and soft lighting for inspiration. A rolling cart for yoga equipment and zen-like essentials such as candles, a diffuser, live plants, and music will help transform the space.