How to Create The Perfect Bedroom Retreat

bedroom retreat

Your bedroom is where you recharge your spirit each day, so it makes sense you might want to create your own private retreat in the room. Go beyond the comfort of your bed, and find a cozy corner of the room to create a sitting area where you can curl up and relax.

The small space

If you have just one little corner by a window, you can still use it for a small reading area. Add a small chair and ottoman or pouf, a side table, and a reading lamp. Even the smallest of spaces if designed to scale with the proper lighting can offer a place for you to relax when you can steal a moment away. Place a basket with books and magazines on the floor near the chair. Add a throw blanket on the back of the chair.

The bay window

If your master bedroom has a large bay window overlooking the front or backyard, be sure to add seating so you can enjoy the view. Often large window areas can accommodate two chairs or a love seat to create a restful seating room. Design tip: keep fabrics simple, without a pattern and add details and textures with accessories and pillows. This helps create a more peaceful vibe in the room.

Frame the space

If you need additional storage in your room use the window as an opportunity to create your own sitting area. Frame the window with built-in cabinets and center the cabinets with a window seat, then add a cushion and pillows and enjoy your own private spot to watch the sunset.

Get dramatic

Who doesn’t love the idea of having a chaise lounge in their bedroom! Romantic and luxurious, find a corner of the room, add a dark, bold color to the wall and offset it with a light cream or grey chaise. Accent with a jeweled- toned fur throw and pillows. Sounds like the perfect place to curl up and take a nap.