Ready for a Basement Remodel? Consider These Ideas First


Is your basement still the most underutilized space in your home? Is it currently just cold concrete and crammed with boxes of stuff? If so, you’re missing out on a space that has unlimited potential, whether it’s a man cave, children’s playroom, mother-in-law suite, exercise room, or something else. The right remodel could make this room the most popular spot in the house. Here are some tips for making the most of your bottom floor.

Plan the space

First, determine how you want to use your basement, this will impact how you allocate the space. For example, think about putting the main socializing area in a spot that gets the best natural light. Considering a bedroom? You’ll need a window, so put that at the perimeter. Want to use the space as a home theatre? TV viewing zones should be in darker areas for a authentic home-theater feel. 

Create a double-duty efficient space

Wanting to take a combined room approach such as a TV room and laundry? This takes special consideration of things such as installing easy-care, durable flooring with fewer grout lines or a darker color. Maybe install a stackable washer and dryer so you can leave room for shelving and storage.


Start by choosing a theme and build it out through light fixtures, furniture, wall decor, rugs and more. Dress up the walls, such as using tall wainscot for a homey vibe, and add a leather chair and colorful textured accessories to add warmth.

Lighten up

Lighting is important in any room, but especially one that may not have a lot of natural light such as a basement. Layer lighting with wall sconces, ceiling lights, and lamps, and include light-reflecting finishes, such as shiny chrome hardware. A swing-arm reading lamp saves space and directs light right where it’s needed. Needing a little more light in the room? Try removing the door to let sunlight spill down from above.

Up the cozy factor

Warm things up (literally!) and include a direct-vent gas fireplace front and center. Add area rugs laid on top of wall-to-wall carpet for texture and softness underfoot.

Add functionality

Finally, make sure the room is both fun and functional. Built-in cabinets around windows give the room a visual anchor, while keeping things organized. Using your basement as a guest room? Add bookshelves around bed headboards and nightstands that offer deep drawers to hold clean linens and give guests room to unpack.