Why Fall is the Best Time to Kick-start Your Fitness Plan

Fall Fitness

Who says you need to wait for the new year to begin taking control of your health &  fitness? Fall is a time of great change…sounds like the perfect time to begin a new healthy lifestyle, don’t you think? Here are a few reasons why we feel fall is a great time to get fit.

1. Make your home your workout space

Indoor workouts are a great alternative to the gym… especially with all the sicknesses that starts going around as it gets colder. Some benefits to creating a dedicated fitness space in your home include: convenience, flexibility, saves money, and it gives you some options with your workouts.

2. Get out and enjoy the crisp weather

It’s easier to get a run in when the weather is cooler…I mean who doesn’t want to run in the crisp morning air as you take in all the beautiful scenery? Want to try something new? Look for a local fun or charitable race or grab a friend as you kick-start your running routine. Maybe consider signing up for your first 5K?

3. Get your workout In earlier

As it gets darker earlier, you’ll need to adjust your workout times and set realistic goals. Fall is a busy time as we head into the holiday season. Make a goal of 2-3 workouts a week instead of every day. But the good news is this allows for more time to meal plan and preparing healthy dinners at home using some fall favorites such as apples, pecans and even pumpkin.