Cabinet Styles

There are so many different types of glasses out there and an even larger selection of drinks.

That drink goes in that glass: a guide

There are so many glass options out there to accommodate the wide assortment of booze in the world, many of which you probably have sitting in your kitchen cabinets.

Add flair to your outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are in

The kitchen has changed greatly over the years from a place of merely preparing food to one of entertaining guests and spending leisure time.

Hiding your appliances will streamline your kitchen

Hiding your kitchen appliances

One of the biggest growing trends in kitchen remodeling is the incorporation of hidden appliances, also known as “matched.”

Blending vintage cabinets in modern kitchens

Blending vintage cabinets in modern kitchens

Modern spaces are often understated and come with a very simple aesthetic, which is why vintage cabinets can be the perfect addition to the interior of your kitchen.

3 tips for choosing cabinet hardware

3 tips for choosing cabinet hardware

Once you’ve chosen the kitchen cabinets that best suit your home design and your lifestyle, you have to select the knobs and other pieces of hardware that go along with them.