Cabinet Styles

Add some movement to your contemporary kitchen design with a curved island.

Groovy kitchen designs

There are several ways you can add a little spunk to your kitchen without going back in time.

Keep the bathroom palette neutral with white marble countertops, white framed vanity cabinets and a grey paint color.

All that glitters

Like Marilyn Monroe once said, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” In our humble opinion, this is the exact attitude you should have when designing your bathroom.

Maximize on even the smallest spaces in the home - a built in cabinet made of frameless cabinets offers a clutter-free work environment.

Home designs for the minimalist

Unfussy cooking and storage spaces can increase productivity and prevent distraction when working from home.

Brighten up a dark kitchen space with mixed wood finishes on your custom cabinet design.

Mixed mediums

Create a one-of-a-kind kitchen design using multiple wood finishes.

Create a rich, warm atmosphere in the bathroom using dark tones and wood finishes to create a sophisticated bachelor bathroom design.

Bachelor-inspired bathroom designs

Whether you live alone or with a group of guy friends, being a bachelor doesn’t mean you have to live in an unfurnished frat house.

Brighten up your kitchen with warm, earthy colors. Try an olive colored cabinet design to make a bold statement.

Earthy kitchen designs

Go green in the home (literally) with earthy tones in your kitchen design.

Create a gallery-like display using floating vanity cabinets in your bathroom design.

Bathroom wall design

If you’re looking for an eclectic, unique way to liven up your bathroom space, a floating cabinet design is a creative way to add a gallery-like feel to the room.

Use framed cabinets to camouflage a pull-down bed in the home office.

Double duty

The old adage “kill two birds with one stone” never felt – or looked – so good.