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Echoes – December 2018

Paint color experts have weighed in on their picks for hottest colors for 2019. Get a sneak peek at some of the top choices in this month’s Echoes.

Echoes – August 2018

The school year is just around the corner. Are you ready? Look inside this month’s Echoes on ways to prepare your home for the school year.

Echoes – June 2018

Check out this month’s issue of the Echoes to learn more about our new VP of operations, Pat Foltz.

Echoes – May 2018

This month’s Echoes features a guest column from Gary Potter with Potter Construction on what to consider when choosing the right appliances for your kitchen remodel.

Echoes – April 2018

Part traditional, part modern, transitional kitchens blend classic, decorative elements with contemporary features. Learn design elements to focus on for the ultimate transitional kitchen.

Echoes – March 2018

Are cabinet trends moving towards minimalism and urban chic? Find out inside this month’s issue of the Echoes.

Echoes – January 2018

The smooth, even surface and wide range of color choices make painted wood cabinets a popular choice. Learn more about what to expect with painted cabinets in this month’s Echoes.