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Dark, framed cabinets and a great tile designed backsplash are great for an Italian inspired kitchen design.

Add some Italian flare to your kitchen design 

Whether you come from an Italian heritage, have traveled through Italy or simply love Italian cuisine, we have a few kitchen design ideas to bring a taste of Italy into your home.

Keep crafting items neatly organized so you can let your creative juices flow.

Get creative with craft room design

In the mood to get crafty? One of the top items on many crafters’ wishlists is a room dedicated solely to crafting.

Sort clothes by style and color to make it easy to locate your apparel items.

How to organize your closet like a pro stylist

Are you constantly digging through drawers stuffed with heaps of clothes? Do you spend way too much time searching through your closet racks for that favorite pair of jeans or LBD?

opt to have the vanity cabinets designed with a worn in look using multiple wood stains to get a weathered effect.

Vintage bathroom space ideas

There are some key design ideas you can use in the home to achieve a timeless, vintage look.

Courtney Cox likes her bathroom design just like her hair - dark and luxurious.

Fabulous celebrity bathroom designs

Light and airy versus rich dark tones – either way, these celebrities hit the mark with their amazing bathroom designs.