Sustainable Living

For a traditional his and hers bathroom space, use framed cabinets in your vanity cabinet design.

What’s mine is yours

Whether you are living together for the first time, newly married or remodeling a home together, sharing a bathroom space with your partner can be complicated … to say the least.

Tiny homes are popping up everywhere.

Small on waste, big on style

If you’re into sustainability, you’ve likely heard the term “tiny house.”

Declutter the work space. Piles of unorganized papers take up precious working space and make it difficult to keep track of projects and stay on task.

How to work efficiently from home

Whether you use your home office daily or just work from home every now and then, it can sometimes be difficult to stay focused.

Keep your little one(s) safe in the kitchen with these baby proof methods.

Baby proof your kitchen

Once your baby becomes mobile, there is no stopping him or her from trying to explore every nook and cranny of the house.

Homeowners have begun to scale back on their kitchen design to make it more functional.

Avoid wasteful kitchen designs

Some kitchen design styles are fleeting, and one trend on its way out is the concept of large “kitchen stadiums.”