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Our site is full of PDFs that contain design inspiration, product details and useful information. We’ve gathered all of those brochures and flyers into one convenient place, and put them in different categories to make the info you need even easier to find. Click the “+” below to see the entire selection of PDFs.

Cabinet Brochures

Cornerstone & Millennia

Doors & Inspiration
ViewDownload (Combined, 7M)

Finishes & Materials Selections
View | Download (4M)

Cornerstone overlays by door style:
List of doors | Door photos

Wall Beds | Download
Decorative Hardware | Download (1.4M)

Comparison Charts:
All Cabinet Lines | Millennia vs. Katana


ViewDownlaod (1.9M)
Decorative Hardware | Download

Design & Planning

Cabinet Planning
Planning Guide 

Moulding & Trim options (COR/MIL)
Moulding stack ideas (COR/MIL)

It’s All About Choices
Cornerstone | Millennia | Katana

Wish List

Showroom Selection Worksheet

Design for Everyone (Universal Design/ADA info)

Planning for your Kitchen Remodel  Article from Home Matters magazine

Adding Grey To Your Home

Media Center Inspiration
View | Download (1.5M)

Product Information
Finish & Enhancements
Stain & Paint Selections
ViewDownload (2M)

Painted Cabinets: What To Expect

Patina Application
Finish Process
How Lighting Affects Color

Care & Cleaning
Cabinet Care
Acrylic Panel Care
How Moisture Affects Wood

Concealed Hinge Adjustment
View hinge adjustment videos

Lazy Susan Corner Cabinets:
Attached Revolving Doors
Collapsing Carousel Doors

Under Mount Drawer Guides:
6-Way Adjustable
Orange Mechanism
Red Mechanism
Metal Drawer Box

BLUM INFO for Cornerstone & Millennia
Cornerstone and Millennia now feature the quality and clock-like precision of Blum hinges and drawer guides.

Blum flyer | download

Cornerstone adjustment | download
Millennia adjustment | download
Angle restriction clip | download

inMotion guide adjustment | download
COR Salice vs. Blum mounting locations | download
MIL Salice vs. Blum mounting locations | download

Blum quality | view
Cornerstone hinge adjustment | view
Millennia hinge adjustment | view
Turning inMotion hinge on/off | view
Look inside a Blum hinge | view
Blum guide adjustment | coming soon!