Crock-Pot or Instant Pot? Which is Better for Easy Fall Dinners?

For decades the Crock-Pot has been the go-to set-it-and-forget-it countertop cooking appliance. However lately, there is a new contender competing for the top spot! The Instant Pot has slowly picked up a strong following. Read on for our comparison information, and decide which works best in your kitchen.


Not even close: Slow cookers are more affordable than electric pressure cookers.


A typical Crock-Pot has four buttons: “Select,” “Timer” (up and down), and “Off.” The Select button is simply for choosing the temperature at which you want to cook: high, low, or keep warm. It includes an 8-page user manual. While a typical Instant Pot has 18 buttons to choose from and a 22-page user manual. So again, the slow cooker wins in this category.


Crock-Pots cooking vessels are heavy stoneware and typically non-stick, while the Instant Pot cooking vessel is stainless steel…easy to clean as well, just beware of scratches.

Variety of uses

The Crock-Pot does two things, and it does them well. It cooks your food slowly at a low temperature, and it keeps your food warm. The Instant Pot goes further and can cook food slowly and keep it warm, as well as pressure cook, cook rice, sauté, brown, make yogurt, and steam…very quickly.  The Instant Pot definitely does it all!


At last count there were over 7,000 Crockpot cookbooks on Amazon. A Google search for “crock-pot recipes” returned 3.4 million results. In comparison, there were over 2,000 results on Amazon for “instant pot recipe book,” while a search for “instant pot recipes” showed 1.5 million results.