Five St. Patrick’s Day Recipes You Haven’t Heard Of

St. Patricks Day Recipes

Having a St. Patrick’s Day celebration and want to serve something different? Go beyond Shepherd’s Pie and Irish Soda Bread with these five traditional and unique Irish recipes.

1. Colcannon

Creamy mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage and traditionally served with boiled ham in Ireland. Try this version that adds leeks and garlic for extra flavor.

2. Boxty

A potato pancake made delicious by using both grated raw potatoes and mashed potatoes, perfect for breakfast or lunch. Irish legend has that it originated during the Irish Potato Famine, and even has its own rhyme!

3. Barmbrack

Sometimes shortened to just “brack,” this Irish Fruitcake is full of raisins, fruit and spices…oh and did we mention it’s typically soaked in tea and whiskey overnight?

4. Coddle

Using a mix of leftovers in your fridge such as sausage, bacon, onions and potatoes, Coddle is anything but an afterthought. After simmering for several hours, you’ll love all the flavors of this traditional stew.

5. Celtic Twilight

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day if we didn’t include a cocktail in our list. A mix of whiskey, Irish cream, and hazelnut liqueur, shake well and serve cold…it might just bring you a little luck of the Irish.