Here Are the Best BBQ Tools for Grilling All Summer

bbq tools

Whether you’re new to the BBQ or you’re just always adding to your professional tool set, we dug around to find you the best BBQ tools that will keep you grilling all summer long.

Cave Tools Smoker Box

Do you prefer the smoked flavor? Then the Cave Tools Smoker Box is perfect for you…it’s the ideal alternative to a full-sized smoker. Besides its convenient size, what we love about this tool is its durability. Because it’s made with 25% thicker stainless steel, it prevents any warping of the material due to heat. This tool should last you a good while.

Winco Heavyweight Utility Tongs

Tongs are an absolute must-have when compiling your BBQ tool set. The Winco Heavyweight Utility Tongs were wirecutter’s top choice in hours of researching different tongs. They’re long enough to keep your hands away from feeling any of that heat, but did you notice the price? For such high quality and well under $10, you can’t beat the price!

Gaswatch Bluetooth Propane-Level Indicator

Whenever you run out of propane, it always seems to happen at the worst time. Instead of running out of propane at your neighborhood cookout, utilize a tool that keeps you updated on propane levels. The Gaswatch Bluetooth Propane-Level Indicator goes beyond a basic detector as it sends an alarm to your smartphone once it senses low propane levels.

BBQ Dragon

We’re thinking that anything with the word “dragon” in its name has to be good, and we’re definitely not disappointed with the BBQ Dragon. This fancy tool just clips onto any grill, and helps to get those coals hot. It’s truly a fire starter’s best friend as it claims to light a charcoal barbecue in under 10 minutes…talk about a time-saver.  

The Great Scrape Woody Paddle

One of the best BBQ accessories to have is a grill cleaner. We’re partial to the Great Scrape Woody Paddle as it’s simple, natural, non-toxic and extremely effective when it comes to cleaning that grill. You just need to use it on high heat at first to form grooves on the paddle that match those of your grill.