Our Favorite Recipes for National Picnic Month


If you love getting out of the house, exploring, and eating together outside, then July is the perfect month for you! It’s National Picnic Month, and we’re celebrating with some our favorite picnic recipes.

1. Kid-friendly coleslaw

There’s nothing better when it’s hot than a chilled coleslaw to complement your picnic lunch. To make it kid-friendly, try adding a little bit of yogurt, coconuts, dates, and pecans to sweeten up the taste a bit. Worried about keeping foods such as coleslaw cool at a summer picnic? It’s easy with some of these tips.

2. Watermelon cupcakes

We always recommend bringing some fresh watermelon to any summer picnic, but watermelon cupcakes are on a whole new level! Just a little bit of food coloring and chocolate chips for seeds make these a hit.

3. Caprese sandwiches

Fresh and herby, these sandwiches are perfect to pack ahead of time for the picnic. This recipe recommends ciabatta rolls, but any bread will do the trick. Meatless, these are a great alternative for picnics when the weather is warm.

4. Cucumber and dill potato salad

When it comes to cucumbers the more the better right? That’s why this salad is the perfect side dish at any picnic…using cucumbers instead of pickles, and then adding some dill gives a fresh take on this summer classic.