10 home office essentials

Filing cabinets are still an office staple.

We've discussed how to decorate your home office, but we haven't yet outlined some of the most important pieces that you should include in your next renovation. While you're scheming your workspace's next design, don't forget to add these to your shopping list:

A filing cabinet

It doesn't even need to be one of those tall, steel cabinets you see in corporate offices – these days, there are plenty that are just as fashionable as they are functional. 

Good lighting

The same rule that applies in your kitchen and bedroom apply in your home office: You should have two forms of lighting. The overhead light should be bright enough to totally illuminate the whole room, and the secondary light source should be soft and lower to the ground. 

Extra storage space

Your desk probably has a few drawers, but it isn't enough storage space for a full-blown home office. Make sure you have a series of shelves or modern cabinets to tuck away all the other odds and ends you stash in the room.

A good chair

One of the coolest ways to accessorize your home office and add a pop of color is with a comfortable and stylish office chair. To give the look even more personality, add a throw pillow on top and an eclectic rug underneath.